To most of us who cannot type fast enough, being a transcriber is one thing that is far from our minds. Recording conversations by way of a typewriter or a keyboard is a very difficult thing to do. Only a handful of people can do that. You cannot help but admire that lady in the courtroom who records all the conversations taking place.

It is the same thing with any transcriber online. If you're new to freelancing, transcription jobs are one of the first things you will likely encounter. This is a lucrative endeavor; the rates are quite high. But sad to say, not all of us have the benefit of training as typists.

But as you will know, a transcriber is not only confined to record conversations. There is one form of transcription that involves copying down the notes written on the whiteboard and arrange them in a correct format. This is much like what any student would do in college. The professor will write the lesson all over the board in a confusing manner and his handwriting is barely readable. It is prudent on the student to copy the lesson so he can understand and study it. He must therefore arrange the notes from the board in a correct order and format.

On the internet, the client would send you (as a service provider) photos of the notes written on the whiteboard. One document can comprise with two or more photos. It is your responsibility as a transcriber to copy the notes so your client can easily read and understand them. As such, you must arrange the writings in the correct and proper format. To illustrate what I'm talking about, see the following photos:

It seems intimidating at first, but it's not really hard as it looks. As I was deciphering the document, it became apparent to me like I was in college taking down notes. Actually, the job just fell into my lap unexpectedly. I was doing another job for this client. As he was wrapping up the project (that is, released my payment from escrow), he threw another job at me. He asked me if I could transcribe and requested me to try out the attached photos.

The word transcribe sent panic to my nerves. I did not know what to do. I searched briefly on the internet about transcribing a photo and something I found calmed me down. I looked at the photos again, examined them closely, and begun copying the notes on the notepad. As I kept on going, it became clear to me that I can do it. After I finished, I immediately sent the document to the buyer. Fortunately, he liked what he saw and that's how I got the job.

The following illustration is the output of my effort:

 And this is how I came to learn a new skill.

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