Freelance writing jobs online are one of the most sought after endeavor on the internet. People love to read and they are always looking for information. Online businesses, big and small, rely heavily on written contents and the demand for them is such at a very high level. So, if you can write an article adequately, then you can make money online quite easily.

There are many classifications of freelance writing jobs online. If you go to, you can see there are 37 different types of online writing gigs. Depending on your expertise and comfort level, you can select as many as you want. But the focus of this article is on article writing, rewriting, and spinning.

Article Writing

Freelance Writing Jobs Online
Projects posted for article writing are numerous and they involve different topics. Usually, the buyer will require you to submit five articles per day. The common rate for freelance writing jobs online ranges from $1-$4 per article. So, if you are a fast and prolific writer, you can earn a decent amount of income from this endeavor.

Writing articles is not really difficult. In order to avoid grammatical errors, you have to construct the sentences as simply as you can. That way, your piece of writing is not only difficult to read but easy to understand also. And this is what online readers want. In the event you have no knowledge about the topic, you can research it, get some ideas, and create an original composition. Among the various freelance writing jobs online, article writing has a constant demand from the buyers.

Article Rewriting

Rewriting an article is maybe one of the freelance writing jobs online that is easier to undertake. All you have to do is rewrite the sentences or paragraphs of an article. You can also change any word to its synonym to eliminate any similarity. In the end, the resulting article is entirely different from the original and cannot be classified as duplicate content.

Many buyers want their articles to be rewritten and there is such good demand for it at the present time. This is one freelance writing jobs online many freelancers want to do. There is no need to research for the topic and create an original composition. In short, the task is not as draining and the rate of compensation ranges from $0.50-$2.00 per rewritten article.

Article Spinning

Spinning an article is no different from rewriting it. The difference is that in spinning, you have to rewrite a sentence or a paragraph a few times as well as any word. This would result to an output of hundreds of different articles. Buyers want this because it can greatly help in their marketing and promotional efforts. That is why, this type of freelance writing jobs online is slowly gaining quite a demand these days.

With the famous phrase 'content is king' still holds true today, freelance writing jobs online will always come in abundance. There will be no shortage of the topics to be written. Business owners will always be looking for fresh and new articles because the survival of their businesses depend on them. As long as online businesses are thriving, so are the freelance writing jobs online.

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