As far as freelancing jobs are concerned, things have gotten better at Not only has it improve in some areas but more importantly, the projects posted there are getting better and becoming abundant. Despite the claims by many that the company has scammed them (see - Scam Complaints- Are They Really Worth Your While? & Work Home Scams - Is A Scam?).

For some time, there was a feeling that would go down into oblivion amidst the vicious attacks perpetrated by its detractors. I thought so too and that's why, it made me go elsewhere to look for freelancing jobs. I went to and made every attempt to land a project. I was successful in getting one but somehow the competition from the female counterparts was just too much for me to handle. They are the preferred choices especially if the freelancer is a looker.

Freelancing Jobs
I also spent some considerable time at and I begun to have a liking for that site. I have a few of my applications being accepted but the unfamiliarity of their system prevented me from finalizing any deals of freelancing jobs. But now, I already have a feel for it and I'm sure I'm gonna get one one of these days.

So, what are the improvements has implemented in order to stay at the top? Aside from the escrow or milestone payment, it is the ability to issue an invoice once you have done the project. It is very convenient and it will allow you to remind the buyer of his obligation which he would comply accordingly. With the payment already in escrow, the rest is just a matter of technicality. This process right here is a very good way of preventing from getting scammed by the buyer. You must always request for a milestone payment before starting on any freelancing jobs no matter how excellent the feedback a buyer has accumulated. It seems you cannot trust anyone these days and doing it will safeguard you from the buyer not fulfilling his obligation.

This happened to me recently. A buyer had urgently requested me to do a certain task with a promise for more freelancing jobs after it was done. He had fourteen positive feedback and I didn't asked for an escrow nor told him of awarding me the project because I trusted him. But looked what happened? After I submitted the result, he did not respond to my messages at Skype nor even contacted me about it. What's more, I did not even managed to discuss with him about the payment. That led me to decide to treat all buyers equally. I always ask for a milestone payment before taking on any freelancing jobs.

Another cool feature has implemented is the ability to upload files right at your bid statement. This is a very important development because you are only allowed to upload one small file in each of your private messages. But with this feature, you can upload many large files all at the same time or one at a time whichever you prefer. If the project has to do with videos, then you can spare yourself from the hassle of going from one upload site to another such as Rapidshare, Depositfiles, etc.

Overall, all is well at If you're thinking of looking for freelancing jobs, then you might try this site. All you have to do is register. You are not required to submit any resume and all the related stuff other freelance marketplace are requiring from you. The rest is up to you and a good deal of luck.

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