Sell On eBay
One of the easier way to make money online is to sell on eBay. It is the number one and largest online auction site for many years now. Almost anything under the sun can be sold there whether these are used or new items. eBay has been known to sell discarded items in your own home; ones that you have neglected for a long time.

Brick and mortar stores know the benefits of having an eBay store, that's why many of them have one. Not only will it increase their sales, it will also extend the coverage of their businesses beyond their localities. There is no doubt that to sell on eBay can be a beneficial undertaking.

If you are a new or a struggling affiliate marketeer, your best choice will be to sell on eBay. You don't have to undergo all the pains of learning in building up your business; all you have to do is list the products and wait for the sales to come in. And if you happen to possess a hot selling item, you can list it for a day and get paid the next day.

It's true that not all items will sell on eBay. There are others that don't and there are also others that can easily attract the buyers. But you will never know if you don't put them up for auction.

You will be having a difficult time if you don't have Paypal when you sell on eBay. Paypal is recognized as the universal medium when making transactions on the internet. People who conduct business online always have Paypal. It is the accepted payment option on eBay if you want to sell internationally.

As many have realized, the ideal thing to do is to sell on eBay. You don't have to search anymore where the buyers are. They are already there with credit cards in hand. All you have to do is give them what they want. You can likened eBay to a big shopping mall. People go there in order to buy something.
To most of us who cannot type fast enough, being a transcriber is one thing that is far from our minds. Recording conversations by way of a typewriter or a keyboard is a very difficult thing to do. Only a handful of people can do that. You cannot help but admire that lady in the courtroom who records all the conversations taking place.

It is the same thing with any transcriber online. If you're new to freelancing, transcription jobs are one of the first things you will likely encounter. This is a lucrative endeavor; the rates are quite high. But sad to say, not all of us have the benefit of training as typists.

But as you will know, a transcriber is not only confined to record conversations. There is one form of transcription that involves copying down the notes written on the whiteboard and arrange them in a correct format. This is much like what any student would do in college. The professor will write the lesson all over the board in a confusing manner and his handwriting is barely readable. It is prudent on the student to copy the lesson so he can understand and study it. He must therefore arrange the notes from the board in a correct order and format.

On the internet, the client would send you (as a service provider) photos of the notes written on the whiteboard. One document can comprise with two or more photos. It is your responsibility as a transcriber to copy the notes so your client can easily read and understand them. As such, you must arrange the writings in the correct and proper format. To illustrate what I'm talking about, see the following photos:

It seems intimidating at first, but it's not really hard as it looks. As I was deciphering the document, it became apparent to me like I was in college taking down notes. Actually, the job just fell into my lap unexpectedly. I was doing another job for this client. As he was wrapping up the project (that is, released my payment from escrow), he threw another job at me. He asked me if I could transcribe and requested me to try out the attached photos.

The word transcribe sent panic to my nerves. I did not know what to do. I searched briefly on the internet about transcribing a photo and something I found calmed me down. I looked at the photos again, examined them closely, and begun copying the notes on the notepad. As I kept on going, it became clear to me that I can do it. After I finished, I immediately sent the document to the buyer. Fortunately, he liked what he saw and that's how I got the job.

The following illustration is the output of my effort:

 And this is how I came to learn a new skill.
Freelance writing jobs online are one of the most sought after endeavor on the internet. People love to read and they are always looking for information. Online businesses, big and small, rely heavily on written contents and the demand for them is such at a very high level. So, if you can write an article adequately, then you can make money online quite easily.

There are many classifications of freelance writing jobs online. If you go to, you can see there are 37 different types of online writing gigs. Depending on your expertise and comfort level, you can select as many as you want. But the focus of this article is on article writing, rewriting, and spinning.

Article Writing

Freelance Writing Jobs Online
Projects posted for article writing are numerous and they involve different topics. Usually, the buyer will require you to submit five articles per day. The common rate for freelance writing jobs online ranges from $1-$4 per article. So, if you are a fast and prolific writer, you can earn a decent amount of income from this endeavor.

Writing articles is not really difficult. In order to avoid grammatical errors, you have to construct the sentences as simply as you can. That way, your piece of writing is not only difficult to read but easy to understand also. And this is what online readers want. In the event you have no knowledge about the topic, you can research it, get some ideas, and create an original composition. Among the various freelance writing jobs online, article writing has a constant demand from the buyers.

Article Rewriting

Rewriting an article is maybe one of the freelance writing jobs online that is easier to undertake. All you have to do is rewrite the sentences or paragraphs of an article. You can also change any word to its synonym to eliminate any similarity. In the end, the resulting article is entirely different from the original and cannot be classified as duplicate content.

Many buyers want their articles to be rewritten and there is such good demand for it at the present time. This is one freelance writing jobs online many freelancers want to do. There is no need to research for the topic and create an original composition. In short, the task is not as draining and the rate of compensation ranges from $0.50-$2.00 per rewritten article.

Article Spinning

Spinning an article is no different from rewriting it. The difference is that in spinning, you have to rewrite a sentence or a paragraph a few times as well as any word. This would result to an output of hundreds of different articles. Buyers want this because it can greatly help in their marketing and promotional efforts. That is why, this type of freelance writing jobs online is slowly gaining quite a demand these days.

With the famous phrase 'content is king' still holds true today, freelance writing jobs online will always come in abundance. There will be no shortage of the topics to be written. Business owners will always be looking for fresh and new articles because the survival of their businesses depend on them. As long as online businesses are thriving, so are the freelance writing jobs online.
As far as freelancing jobs are concerned, things have gotten better at Not only has it improve in some areas but more importantly, the projects posted there are getting better and becoming abundant. Despite the claims by many that the company has scammed them (see - Scam Complaints- Are They Really Worth Your While? & Work Home Scams - Is A Scam?).

For some time, there was a feeling that would go down into oblivion amidst the vicious attacks perpetrated by its detractors. I thought so too and that's why, it made me go elsewhere to look for freelancing jobs. I went to and made every attempt to land a project. I was successful in getting one but somehow the competition from the female counterparts was just too much for me to handle. They are the preferred choices especially if the freelancer is a looker.

Freelancing Jobs
I also spent some considerable time at and I begun to have a liking for that site. I have a few of my applications being accepted but the unfamiliarity of their system prevented me from finalizing any deals of freelancing jobs. But now, I already have a feel for it and I'm sure I'm gonna get one one of these days.

So, what are the improvements has implemented in order to stay at the top? Aside from the escrow or milestone payment, it is the ability to issue an invoice once you have done the project. It is very convenient and it will allow you to remind the buyer of his obligation which he would comply accordingly. With the payment already in escrow, the rest is just a matter of technicality. This process right here is a very good way of preventing from getting scammed by the buyer. You must always request for a milestone payment before starting on any freelancing jobs no matter how excellent the feedback a buyer has accumulated. It seems you cannot trust anyone these days and doing it will safeguard you from the buyer not fulfilling his obligation.

This happened to me recently. A buyer had urgently requested me to do a certain task with a promise for more freelancing jobs after it was done. He had fourteen positive feedback and I didn't asked for an escrow nor told him of awarding me the project because I trusted him. But looked what happened? After I submitted the result, he did not respond to my messages at Skype nor even contacted me about it. What's more, I did not even managed to discuss with him about the payment. That led me to decide to treat all buyers equally. I always ask for a milestone payment before taking on any freelancing jobs.

Another cool feature has implemented is the ability to upload files right at your bid statement. This is a very important development because you are only allowed to upload one small file in each of your private messages. But with this feature, you can upload many large files all at the same time or one at a time whichever you prefer. If the project has to do with videos, then you can spare yourself from the hassle of going from one upload site to another such as Rapidshare, Depositfiles, etc.

Overall, all is well at If you're thinking of looking for freelancing jobs, then you might try this site. All you have to do is register. You are not required to submit any resume and all the related stuff other freelance marketplace are requiring from you. The rest is up to you and a good deal of luck.

Show me the panda
As a freelance teacher, you are on your own. You are not beholden to any school, but you are responsible for finding your own students and classroom; not to mention the marketing aspect of the business. These are the initial concerns when you are going to embark on a freelance teaching career. You cannot expect to be successful overnight. People spend several years before they achieved their goals. But for those who had decided to become a freelance teacher, they found the rewards fulfilling both emotionally and financially.

Nowadays, the convenience of the internet makes freelance teacher a very attractive career proposition. Teaching online can be done conveniently via Skype, a camera, microphone, and a black or white board, whichever you prefer to use. There's no more traveling involved since you can do the tutoring right in the comforts of home. This can free you some precious time and save on gasoline as well.

Being a freelance teacher, you also have the freedom to set your own rate; how much you are going to charge students for your expertise on the subject. This is where the marketing aspect would come in. Make sure that your rate is what you feel the value you are providing to your students. Charge just enough and don't undersell yourself. Even an electrician or a plumber would issue an invoice for their work. You're no different and you are not doing or providing any less than them. You also have invested a lot of your time and money to be where you are now.

Contrary to what many believe, there is indeed a market for freelance teacher. Despite the current global crisis, the pay is actually good. The efforts you spend on marketing and the tactics you employ would play a big part to get the living standard you wish to attain. In the end, what you decide to charge should be the value of the service you are going to provide to your students or clients.

There are definitely many obstacles a freelance teacher has to solve. They seem difficult but they can be overcome once you know the right course of action. As it is, these are the problems a freelancer teacher might be facing:
  • Visibility on the market
  • Job security
  • Finding students or clients
  • Retaining students or clients
  • Not getting paid enough according to qualifications and abilities.
  • Dealing with plenty of work against not enough work.
  • Loneliness
To embark on a freelance teacher career is not a bed of roses. There are struggles to endure as well as pitfalls to avoid. It can be confusing at the beginning but not insurmountable. You might have a hard time motivating yourself and find it even difficult to actually ask for the real value of the teaching service you provide. But if you persist and manage to reach the other side, you will find that the grass is indeed greener.

Freelance Teacher Resources:

Aim Academics
Alpha Tutors
educate Online
Homework Tutoring

Internet Marketing
For a complete newbie like us, internet marketing is a place of the unknown. It is like an abyss where it is so dark and seems endless. If you venture into this arena, you must be prepared for the unexpected and just go with the flow. There is a lot to learn and everyday you will be presented with new ideas.

Indeed, the road to success is not guaranteed and you keep on doing things that you feel might seem to work but actually, they are not. In reality, they are just part of the learning process and play an important role in your growth as an aspiring internet marketer. You will come across with ideas that are not good and being a student of the trade, you might unknowingly adopt them. But then again, it is part of the learning process and as time goes by, you are slowly climbing up the ladder.

The main obstacle of internet marketing is the uncertainty. You can come across a program that guarantees a certain success, because it works for them, but the reality is the whole thing is very hard to achieve. And then it will hit you. There is much for you to learn. If you are reluctant to invest a good amount of money (which should be the case because you are still learning), then you will probably drift away and just remain in that state.

It is not difficult to say that internet marketing is quite exciting because it is. The lure and smell of success is what makes you persevere. You will end up spending your hard earned money buying e-books and software that are supposed to lead you to the promise land. And while you are doing all these, their is that feeling of great uncertainty looming over your head. You will spend a great deal of your time, as well as effort, in internet marketing; aside from having to fork a good amount of cash too. It is the only way to keep going and learn.

There is one important lesson that I learn so far. Once you have set forth a definite plan of action, other opportunities will come your way that are just as good and enticing. These surely are distractions and they can sway you to go to the other path. This is what happening to me right now. And it is eating me that I decided to take on this other irresistible opportunity to go along with my original plan. How am I going to do it? Well, I just take it day by day and see which is more urgent to do on a particular moment.
Job Online At Home
One of the better alternatives of having a job online at home is by selling other people's products. This is only possible if you can become an affiliate. This is definitely a very good way of making a good amount of money online. But as enticing as the opportunity seems to be, it is not an easy thing to do. Some of the obstacles that can prevent anyone from succeeding in this opportunity exist. Suffice it to say that the activity will demand a tremendous amount of time and effort from anyone who will attempt to do it.

Job Online At Home - Which Product?

The first thing you have to do is finding a product to promote. There are plenty of these to choose from; with each one has its own set of compensation that will be rewarded to the seller. But picking just any product and expect the money to come rolling in is not the way to go. A careful consideration should be given whether that particular product is a bestseller or not. Choosing one that nobody will buy is just a waste of time.

Job Online At Home - How Do You Sell The Product?

This is another obstacle that must be overcome in order to succeed. After selecting the product many are buying, the next thing to do is how to introduce it to the consumers who are looking for the item. This is the area where many people are struggling. There is no easy and clear path to achieve it, and people just blindly follow the clues they can find that never seem to work. If you are not a marketer, then you will surely have a difficult time learning the trade.

Job Online At Home - What Are The Investments?

As with anything else in this world, you have to invest some money in order to achieve your goal. Nothing is given free, and you have to pay the dues if you want to receive something in return. There is no doubt that a good amount of money will be wasted, as well as time and effort. If anything else, it is the passion and desperation that will give people the inspiration to go on amidst all the seeming insurmountable difficulties.

There is no doubt that having a job online at home is something anyone aspires for. But this is not a piece of cake or a walk in the park so to speak.. Many people are treating it as a form of lottery. They chance upon an opportunity and expect to hit it big without doing much work. I don't think that is the way it is supposed to be. If ever, when you enter into this, all you will be dealing with are the uncertainty and the unsureness of the whole thing.